Who are you?


Whether you're a one wo/man show, a growing SME or an established business, your needs are my priority. I will edit and curate your marketing material (brochures, flyers), website content, newsletter, manual or report as well as business plans, proposals and more! Just let me know what you're having trouble with and together we will make things happen.

Emerging author or established blogger, you can probably use some help with your digital content. Whether you are writing a novel, manuscript, screenplay, blog post, poem or any other string of words, you can come to me for support with your work.
As an academic, you want to be concentrating on the substance of your content, not the form of it. Your dissertation, thesis, research paper, report, article, literature review or journal article will be in expert hands with me. I will ensure that your document is always a high quality representation of your work, thus giving you the best chances at success.

How can I help you?

With 7 years of experience in proofreading anything from legal correspondence to novels and everything in between, I have an eye for dotless I's and uncrossed T's.
Copy editing
You have content, but find it lacks a little "je ne sais quoi"? Or maybe you think it isn't as clear as it should be? I can help make it click with your target audience.
As a French and English mother tongue speaker with 5+ years' experience in translation, rewriting your content in your destination language is as quick as reading it!
Digital marketing
Do you have a great product or service that you know people will really enjoy, but no idea how to get the word out to them? It's OK, you don't need to do it all, I'm here to help!
Content management

Do your collaborators create great content that somehow never looks as inspiring as you'd imagined it? Their genius lies elsewhere, leave the management to me.

Ask me
If you need support with something specific, get in touch with me and together we will work out your exact requirements and how to grow your business.

About me

I'm a language nerd who wants to enhance your business

Multilingual by age 3, I secretly always wanted to work with words. I believe (the right) words can bring joy, but also make you stand out. By curating your website, you will allow people to focus on your products or services. I would like nothing more than to support you and your business to get to the top of the pile. Together, we can do this by making your content some of the most informative and enjoyable to read on the internet!


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