As a native English and French speaker, you can entrust me with your documents that require proofreading. Whether you have been writing an academic paper or are preparing to publish the next Lord of the Rings, don't skip this step! After spending weeks, months or even years reading the same words over and over again, it's easy to fill in the blanks or skip over mistakes.

I will refine your document within your specific field of language and ensure that your work is free from all grammatical and spelling errors. Meanwhile, I will also check and improve typography, clarity and style, never once compromising your voice or authenticity.

Who can benefit from my proofreading services: 

  • Authors (novelists, bloggers, poets, story tellers, screen writers, ...);
  • Academics (researchers, essayists, journalists, ...);
  • Businesses (marketers, sales people, lawyers, ...).

Copy editing

Do you find your content a little underwhelming or less "zingy" than you'd like? In that case, you are right where you should be.

I will strive to provide you with copy that reads like yours while also being linguistically correct and ready for print. You can expect me to highlight any inconsistencies and ambiguities, thus guaranteeing that your writing accurately reflects your thoughts and ideas. 

Just like proofreading, my copy editing services are a valuable asset for businesses and individuals alike. Specifically authors, academics and sales and marketing people will find it very helpful.

Take the time to check that your content is written and presented appropriately for your target audience. This will ensure that you get the best possible returns and never regret hitting the "send" button.


I am a trilingual English and French mother tongue speaker with 5+ years' experience in translation. My services will help anyone looking for a translation to and from English and French, and from Italian to both languages.

Whether you are a business or an individual, the content you publish represents you and you should always put your best foot first. Forget about the hassle of having to come up with great prose in multiple languages! Simply create your content and leave the translation to me. It will sound as natural and professional as the original. Most importantly, you won't ever need to open a translation app!

Digital marketing

Are SEO and CPC just a string of letters to you? Then you may be better off leaving your digital marketing to me. 

Regarding SEO, I will write copy that will improve your rankings with search engines. Furthermore, I will make your existing content and website SEO friendly. This means that your dream customers will actually find you more easily online!

I will also set up and manage your Google Ads campaign for you to get the best "bang for your buck". You'll never even have to look up the meaning of CPC, simply sit back and watch the page views climb.

Content management

If you are looking for someone to manage your content on WordPress or any other CMS, look no further. Simply create a rough draft of your content and send it to me for editing and publishing. I will check your draft for typing, spelling and language mistakes. The content will then be edited and published in the correct shape, font and language for your website. Turning over your content management to me will even ensure that your text is SEO-friendly. 

I can take care of your content management needs on any platform, including social media.

Ask me!

There are many other ways I can support you and your business. I would love it if you would get in touch so that we could discuss your needs!

Do you have a growing YouTube channel you would like to add subtitles to and gain a wider audience? Or maybe you are a restaurateur with a delicious and fresh, regularly updated menu you wish to have translated? What about that brochure you were thinking of distributing in different languages at your next job fair? I want to help you with all of this and more!